The FitBodies Approach

FitBodies by Sharon is dedicated to the health and wellness of the women in the Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Coach Sharon and her team have helped dozens of women get healthy, lose fat, gain lean muscle and regain their self confidence. FitBodies has been transforming lives for years and we are ready for you to join our community!

  • A personalized approach to fitness 
  • Expert coaching & fitness instruction
  • Fun, effective workouts
  • Accountability & support
  • Comprehensive weight loss approach
  • Teamwork & camaraderie 

Fitbodies Programs

Whether you're looking for the individual attention and privacy that comes with one-on-one training, need the flexibility of online training, or you like the fun, team environment of group training, FitBodies has the perfect program for you.

Group Fitness

​Group Fitness training accommodates all skill levels. From novice to advanced athlete, we've got you covered. Effective, fat-burning workouts amongst a group of like-minded, supportive people helps keep you motivated and accountable all while having fun in a safe environment. 

Express Training 

These 30 minute lunch-time sessions are perfect whether you're a busy professional or on-the-go mom with a hectic family schedule.  Finding time to stay fit and reach your health & fitness goals is easy with Express Training.

1-on-1 Training

Individualized attention and complete privacy make 1-on-1 training ideal for those not comfortable in a group setting. Workout and nutrition plans customized to fit your specific needs make this type of training priceless. 

Online Training

Whether you have access to a gym or just the comfort of your living room, Fitbodies by Sharon's Online Training program offers the flexibility of getting in shape on your own time and in your own space. 


Down 20lbs and counting!

Down 16.6lbs in just 28 days! 

Joining Sharon's boot camp was my New Years resolution. I told myself that I would do it for 3 months and after that time I would decide if I liked it, whether or not I saw results and if it worked with my schedule. Needless to say, I just completed my 9th month! Not only do I like the classes Sharon leads but I LOVE them! I have seen results in more ways than one...muscle definition, strength, tons more energy and my stamina on the tennis court has doubled. The 5:15 a.m. class time scares many, but I have found that this is the ideal time for me to get my workout in and it gets me going for the day. I am so glad that my friend, Cara, introduced me to Sharon and her boot camp! My New Years resolution has now become a healthy habit!


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